The Arts at Mather

Mather is home to an especially vibrant and welcoming artistic community, and everyone is encourage to get involved. Mather boasts both pottery and wood-turning studios, and regular arts and crafts events in the dining hall. The Arts Society has regular, informal meetings where students can discuss ideas for Mather-wide art projects, gallery exhibitions, installations, or any other artistic pursuits. Students are also encouraged to participate in Arts First, a college-wide arts festival that takes place during the first weekend in May. Arts First at Mather usually comprises a student art exhibition in the Three Columns Gallery, various musical and theatrical performances, and hands-on arts and crafts projects around the house. The Sandra Naddaff and Leigh Hafrey Three Columns Gallery, in addition to being a venue for student art, also hosts a variety of exhibitions of work by local artists.

The arts at Mather are by no means restricted to the visual arts - music and performance arts are showcased at regular Coffeehouse events throughout the year. The events are very informal, and usually feature home-baked goodies. Open houses at the Masters' residence also feature musical performances quite regularly, culminating with the Arts First Open House.

Sandra Naddaff and Leigh Hafrey Three Columns Gallery

Mather is one of only two houses with its own art gallery. The location of the gallery, in the foyer space leading from the courtyard to the dining hall, allows art to become an integral part of the daily life of House residents. We hold approximately six showings per year, including a showing of resident art at the end of the academic year, which coincides with Arts First. We also welcome student curators and student artists for other shows during the year. Non-student exhibitions showcase the work of professional artists in the Harvard community and the broader Cambridge-Boston area. For more info on the current exhibit, see the gallery page.

Past Exhibits

Arts First

Tutor Contacts: Shireen Hamza and Kaitlyn Becker

Arts First, the annual university-wide celebration of the arts at Harvard, showcases performances ranging from dance, drama, music, the visual arts, and yodeling. As part of this festival, Mather takes great pride in lathering itself with stunning displays of artistic expression. From Matheritic art on put on show at the Three Columns Gallery to the bloody massacres of poetry; from the Masters gala of breathtaking talent to wherever else your creative madness takes you (even if it’s 10,000 dancing iguanas), Mather is Art. Live it. Breathe it. Rub it all over you.

Music Events

Tutor Contacts: Na’ama Lion ;

Mather’s musical tradition is nearly as old as the House itself. Na’ama Lion directs the Chamber Music Program, which is now in its 27th year. The program is open to all members of the University for a per-semester fee and provides structured coaching and course credit by arrangement. Baroque ensembles, late 18th- to 20th-century mixed instruments, and vocal groups are all offered. Orientation and registration are held at the start of each semester in the SCR; watch the bulletin boards for dates and times.

Several early music activities occur in Mather, including music ensembles, performance practice, and our own concert series. We also enjoy lecture-concerts by guest performers. Please contact the music tutor if you are interested in finding performance opportunities in the House and see the section regarding facilities for information about the practice rooms in Mather


In-House Facilities

  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Pottery Studio
  • Wood-Turning Studio