Mather House Council

Mather House Council (HoCo) works to keep Mather the greatest place to live on campus. Our mission is to maximize fun, friendship, and foam at Mather by planning fun social events, making capital improvements and advocating on behalf of the Mather community.

Simply, we are a group of fun-loving, sometimes fanatical, but undoubtedly awesome people who want to make Mather a great place to live. Events like Mather Day, the Louie Cup, Mather Week and the Mather Lather help us maintain insane levels of house spirit. We hope to build upon our momentum to make 2018 even better!

Connect with Mather HoCo! Follow us on Twitter @mather_house & Instagram @matherhouse and friend Mather House on Facebook for the latest updates on all things Mather! Please visit our HoCo Event Calendar for our complete schedule.

General Meetings are held every Sunday at 10 p.m. in the Small Dining Room and are open to the entire house! HoCo is super fun and a great way to meet other Matherites, help plan amazing social events, get involved with house life, and most of all, Increase Mather spirit!

A peek at the events you can expect:


• Welcome Back BBQ

• Mather-Yale Tailgate

• Assassins

• Winter Formal

• The Louie Cup


• Mather Week

• Housing Day

• Mather Lather

• Spring Formal



• Happy Hours

• Study Breaks

• HoCo Drop-In Hours



We are here to represent the greatest community at Harvard. Do you have a great event idea? Want to see something done differently? Looking to get more integrated in Mather? Contact matherhousecouncil@gmail.com or come to our next General Meeting!