pre career

Pre-Career Advising

Welcome to Mather Pre-Career Advising!

Mather Pre-Career team supports all Mather students in exploring and making effective career choices. Our services include:

1) Career Development Assessment, Goal Setting and Career Path Education
2) Review Cover Letters and Resumes
3) Conduct Mock Interviews

If you have any questions about Career Development related issues, please contact

1) Mather Pre-Career Tutors or
2) Visit our Resources page.

To learn more about important OCS events, check out our event calendar and key dates pages or visit OCS website

Seven Easy Steps to Start Your Job Search

Step 1) Visit OCS Website to learn about career options - Job 101
Step 2) Join OCS Listserv for company events and job listings
Step 3) Attend On Campus E-Recruiting Orientation Meetings in Science Center
(REQUIRED for all e-recruiting job applicants)

  • Wednesday, September 17 at 4:00pm or
  • Thursday, September 18 at 4:00pm or
  • Monday, September 22 2:00pm or
  • Online Tutorial and Quiz opens September 22

Step 4) Make an appointment with OCS Career Counselors
Step 5) Get your Resume and Cover Letter ready
Step 6) Talk to your resident tutors for further consultation
Step 7) Apply for jobs: