Room Reservations


Room Reservation System

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If you cannot reserve a room, email the administrator with the details of your event (your name, the name of the event, description of event, start and end time, preferred room, brief explanation of the event, number of attendees, House affiliation). All requests are reviewed at the END of each business day; Monday through Friday ONLY. Please plan accordingly so that you have enough time to receive a decision, and then be able to inform the attendees at your meeting/event.  Please also fill out the brief explanation of your event so that the administrator can quickly decide to confirm your request.

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Important Information:

  • Club and Organization social events, are not permitted in our common spaces.
  • Reserve at least
    • - two working days ahead for weekday reservations.
    • - three working days ahead for weekend reservations.
  • The SCR can only be reserved by SCR members, tutors and staff.
  • The JCR can only be reserved after 10pm for private parties for Mather students in the tower or those with divided common rooms in the low rise. The maximum number of attendees is 45 .
  • The DHall can only be reserved by the Masters.
  • The Big TV room can not be reserved from 5 to 7 pm on Thursdays (Community night).