Room Reservations


Room Reservation System

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If you cannot reserve a room, email the Housing Administrator ( with the details of your event (your name, the name of the event, description of event, start and end time, preferred room, brief explanation of the event, number of attendees, House affiliation). All requests are tentative, until confirmed by the House. We do our best to review them at the END of each business day; Monday through Friday ONLY. Please plan accordingly so that you have enough time to receive a decision, and then be able to inform the attendees at your meeting/event.  Please also fill out the brief explanation of your event so that the administrator can quickly decide to confirm your request.


Important Information:

  • Offically recognized student groups and organizations may reserve space
  • Reserve at least
    • - two working days ahead for weekday reservations.
    • - three working days ahead for weekend reservations.
      • ALL TRASH/RECYCLING (please separate trash from recycling) should be bagged and deposited BEHIND THE TOWER, in front of the dumpster
      • Floor MOPPED such that it is not sticky (may not be necessary for the earlier reservation)
      • FURNITURE back exactly as you found it
      • TABLE TOPS and ping pong table should have no party residue
      • SUPPLIES FOR YOUR USE - mop, bucket (to fill the mop pail with), sponges, paper towels
  • The DHall can only be reserved by the Faculty Deans.