Public Service

public service

Tutor Contacts: Renajd Rrapi

Not sure if you want to join the corporate world? Do you want to make a positive difference? Then explore the options that a career or internship in Public Service has to offer. The Public Service group at Mather is here to help you find out more about these options.

Our goals are to expose students to meaningful careers in the public sector, supply specific information on internships and jobs, and provide resources, assistance and advice for obtaining these jobs. To meet these goals, monthly meetings and seminars will bring in public service professionals, students who have successfully obtained public service internships, and specialists to advise on the skills needed to make it into this exciting and meaningful field of work.

Here are some helpful Harvard resources to volunteer:

The Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship offers a newsletter with public service volunteer and employment opportunities:

The Phillips Brooks House Association offers numerous on campus volunteer and public service opportunities:

The Harvard Institute of Politics offers service and employment in government and more: