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Timeline for Medical School Applicants


Sophomores planning to go straight through to medical school OR 1.5 years before application

(If planning to go straight through to medical school OR 1 1⁄2 years before beginning application)


● Look through the Mather Pre-medical Handbook and the OCS Premedical Guide.
● Choose courses very carefully to meet pre-med requirements but avoid overload (grades are much more important than they were in freshman year).
● Keep your eyes peeled for Mather pre-med announcements.

● Attend the fall pre-med meeting and sign up for a pre-med tutor. If you haven't been assigned one yet, contact the Resident Tutors.
● Meet with your tutor once and keep him/her updated on your progress and problems.
● Take a look at the MCAT schedule online and plan when you will take the exam.

● Consider talking to professors or teaching fellows from the fall semester that might be willing to write reference letters for you. Also, consider seeking letters of recommendation from individuals who knew you only during freshman year...before they forget you!
● Begin to plan summer experiences. Do you need more clinical exposure or more laboratory work to round out your background?
*Note: For potential MD/PhD candidates summer research planning as early as sophomore year is very important – contact your tutor or Resident Pre-Medical Tutor Cassie Peitzman if you have questions about this.

● Meet at least once with your tutor. Discuss summer plans: research? volunteer work? classes? etc. This decision can be very important.
● Actively set up summer experiences early in semester before the mid-term crunch.

● Take a look at the AMCAS applications when it comes online just to be familiar.
● Obtain reference letters from any suitable professors or TFs.


Juniors going straight through to medical school OR those planning to apply in the upcoming summer

● Touch base with your tutor to bring him or her up to date on your plans. If you have any questions regarding course selection, contact your tutor early. Course decisions may be very, very important this year.

● Look at the current Mather and OCS Premedical Guides to check for changes from last year that might affect you. Contact your Resident Pre-Med Tutor to review the current volume of the AAMC-MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements) text to familiarize yourself 1 with its coverage.

● Think about whether you will benefit by taking Kaplan or Princeton Review to prepare for a spring MCAT. Some courses begin as early as December
● Register for Spring MCAT. Strongly recommended that you take MCAT by end of April (so you can review your scores before applying). Consider taking the MCAT at the end of Winter Break.
● Register for an MCAT course or buy MCAT study books.
● Attend the Mather premedical information meeting.

● Touch base again with your tutor.
● Begin summer planning - find the best way to spend (and finance!) your summer.
● Make good course selections for 2nd semester.
● Make final contacts for letters of recommendation.

● Obtain a copy of the Medical School Admission Requirements handbook ● Start working on your Mather House premedical questionnaire

March 1
● Letters of recommendation should be requested by all recommenders. Recommenders should be told that they must have recommendations delivered in printed and signed copy to
the Resident Dean’s office.

April 1

● By April 1, students must complete the following forms as specified in Part II of this handbook, and email them to the Senior Premedical Tutor or the Mather Academic Coordiantor:

  1. Mather House Premedical Questionnaire with a FINALIZED list of recommendation letter writers
  2. Unofficial transcript

● AMCAS general application available to students at OCS, AMCAS-E forms available online for downloading.
● Begin working on AMCAS personal statement.

End of April
● Make sure you have taken the MCAT by this date so that you have the scores back before you apply.

May 1
● Begin AMCAS application (usually available online by first week of May). Submit requests to Registrar's Office (20 Garden Street) to have transcripts sent to AMCAS (check AMCAS website for request form). These can be requested to be sent after grades have been turned in.


• This means that if you wish to make ANY changes (e.g. adding or removing a letter) to the list of recommenders you submitted with your premedical questionnaire, you MUST notify the Academic Coordinator and your premed tutor.



Seniors OR those currently in the process of applying

Early June
● AMCAS will begin accepting applications
● Obtain and submit AMCAS Application - it’s never too early!!
● Write to non-AMCAS schools to request applications.
● Decide, on basis of your first MCAT scores, whether you will want to take them again over the summer or in the fall. If so, will you want to take a review course over the summer? Please discuss this with your tutor before you leave.
● Check with the Academic Coordinator periodically to see if letters of reference are in.
● Send polite 'reminder' letters to recommendation writers if letters are not in.
● Send a copy of the AMCAS Letter Request form to the Academic Coordinator
● Send a copy of your unofficial transcript to the Academic Coordinator
● Draw up a flow grid, excel spreadsheet, or neat checklists to chart the process of each of your applications from initial contact through interviews. Keep organized with separate folders for each school, etc.
● Have your tutor or a friend double-check your calculations of your AMCAS
GPAs. It is essential to be careful and accurate!

Late June
● Completed AMCAS application should arrive in Resident Dean’s Office (the
earlier the better).
● Any student who plans to apply later or fails to meet this deadline must speak with the Resident Tutors before your file will be processed. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!

Late July
● Work on non-AMCAS and secondary application forms. Save some $$ for interview trips. Aim to complete each secondary within two weeks of receiving it.

August-September 15th
● All secondary application forms should be finished and sent off.

● Chat with your tutors before heading off for interviews to review strengths and weaknesses in your applications and how to deal with them.

FINALIZED LIST OF RECOMMENDERS (i.e., ALL the letters you wish to be submitted to AMCAS on your behalf) MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE ACADEMIC COORDINATOR

● Go to OCS and sign up for interview workshop sessions.
● Attend the Mock Interview set up by Mather Premed Tutors

● Interview season.

December 1st
● If no interviews are offered by this date notify Non-Resident Tutor and Resident Tutors immediately.

● Interviews over: if none received, alternative plans will be examined with Resident Tutors.

● Acceptances mailed!
● Choosing your school: consider quality, location, financial aid package, etc. ● MD programs are required to have extended acceptances by March ~30th, MD/PhD programs are required to have extended acceptances by ~March 15th. Students must inform medical schools of their decision to attend by ~May15th. ● Call your pre-medical tutor and the resident tutors to let them know your plans for next year!


Document Library

The following are documents you will find helpful as you begin the process of applying to medical schools.

The Medical School Application Process—A Marathon Not a Sprint
Mather Premed Handbook (January 2020)
Mather Premed Questionnaire

This is the official Mather Premed Questionnaire which you will be asked to fill out before you begin your AMCAS application to medical school. 

Request for Dean's Letter

Please fill this form out when you are ready to request a Dean's Letter for your medical school application.

Request for Recommendation Letter

Please fill this form out for each recommendation letter you request.
Letters and waivers from recommenders can be emailed to the Mather Academic Coordinator at

OCS Resources
Please visit the Office of Career Services (OCS) Premedical page for additional information and resources:

Premed Tutors

Renajd Rrapi:

Edgar Garcia Saiz:

Nicole Gilette:

Cassandra Peitzman: