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If you are applying in the 2018-2019 cycle, you should be on our email list. We have had our mandatory Fall Meeting. If you have not indicated yet you are applying this cycle, you must contact the Pre-Med tutors immediately.

Mather Premed Advising


Premedical Information for Harvard Students

Please join the official Mather Premed Listserv is you would like to stay up-to-date on premedical announcements:

Premed Announcements

2018-2019 Application Timeline

NOW to Spring 2018
Request letters of recommendation
        Schedule MCAT
        Work on personal statement
        Schedule 1-2 meetings with your non-res tutor

April 2018
        Meeting with resident tutors

May 2018
        AMCAS opens
        Finalize personal statement

May 1, 2018
        GO email deadline
        All letters must be in house office
        Final list of schools
        Premed questionnaire
        Sign house waiver form for committee letter

June, 1st to 2nd week
        Submit AMCAS

Summer 2018
        Complete secondaries within 2 weeks of receipt

August 1, 2018
        For applicants who haven’t sent a go-email by this date, letter packets will be sent without committee letters

Fall to winter 2018
        Interviews at medical schools

November 2018
        Contact resident tutors if no invitations to interview

Spring to Summer 2018
        Endgame (acceptances, rejections, waitlists, financial aid)

Document Library

The following are documents you will find helpful as you begin the process of applying to medical schools.

Harvard OCS Premedical Guide 2017-2018
The Medical School Application Process—A Marathon Not a Sprint
Mather Premed Questionnaire

This is the official Mather Premed Questionnaire which you will be asked to fill out before you begin your AMCAS application to medical school. 

Request for Dean's Letter

Please fill this form out when you are ready to request a Dean's Letter for your medical school application.

Request for Recommendation Letter

Please fill this form out for each recommendation letter you request.
Letters and waivers from recommenders can be emailed to the Mather Academic Coordinator at

OCS Resources
Why Premed?

Premed Tutors

Please feel free to contact the following Resident Premedical Tutors with any questions. For general questions please email George first, though also feel free to take a look at the short bios to target your email.

George Karandinosgkarandinos@gmail.comGeorge's Bio.

Diana Shi: Diana's Bio.

Melanie Melanie's Bio.

OCS Premed Page

Please visit the Office of Career Services (OCS) Premedical page for additional information and resources: