Facilities & Room Reservations


Room reservation:

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Computer Lab and Computer Assistance

Contact: https://huit.harvard.edu/

The Lab is located on the second floor of the office wing, right above the library (use the outdoor staircase between the library and the House Office). It has several computers—including Macintosh and PC models--that are connected to the FAS network, a scanner, color and b+w printers, printer budgets can be set up via HUIT (PaperCut).


Big TV Room

The Big TV Room is named in honor of Mather alum Henry Big TV. In this room, you will find a 52-inch television with cable, a DVD player.  These areas also contain a pool table, and a foosball table.

HoCo gets priority booking for its Happy Hour's, but we are allowing this space as an additional 'party space' beyond the usual JCR.


The Multimedia Room

The multimedia room is a space that is in proces of transformation. If you have any ideas of how this space coudl differently be used, pelase email the House Administrator.

Junior Common Room (JCR)

The JCR is the student lounge open to the students to drop in, to socialize and to relax. It can be reserved for private parties or groups events after . It includes a large TV, a DVD player, a ping pong table, soft drink and food vending machines and a kitchen area. Swipe in for access.

The JCR and can be reserved anytime, but for in two time blocks for parties on Fridays and Saturdays 8 pm - 11 pm, and from 11 pm - 2am (in the case of a long weekend with a University Holiday, enquire about additional party opportunities). All gatherings in the JCR must end by 2:00 a.m. on weekends and by 11:00 p.m. on weekdays. Students using the room are responsible for cleaning the area and any equipment they have used.

Please keep the piano covered when not being played; the refrigerator and kitchen clean.

There are private suites above the JCR so please be aware of your noise level at all times. The playing of amplified instruments in the JCR is prohibited.

The Library

Tutor Contact: Mike Kester, House Librarian

Search the Mather Library Database for resources

Mather students have 24/7 swipe card access.
The Robert Ellsworth Gross Memorial Library contains over 10,000 volumes; subscriptions to magazines and newspapers; selections of CDs, vinyl LPs, sheet music, videos, DVDs, and special collections of travel guides, books on gender and sexuality, and popular fiction. There is also a CD player, a cassette deck, and a turntable for listening to recordings in the library. Some tutorial leaders leave material on reserve.

Because of the amount of perishable items (e.g. books) in the collection, food is not allowed in the library to avoid bugs. This policy is STRICTLY enforced. Drinks are allowed as long as they are brought into the library in properly covered containers.

Donations of books and movies are welcome at any time; Suggestions for new additions to the library, especially to the movie collection and popular fiction collection, are also welcome. 

The Lower Lounge:

A nice place to relax with an LED fireplace/heater and meet friends. A reclining chair, leather couch. coffee table and computer power strip. The space is just below the small lounge.

lower lounge

Music Practice Rooms

Tutor Contact: Na’ama Lion

Two practice rooms are located above the JCR: Room A houses the harpsichord and Room B contains an upright piano. Two additional rooms are located down the hall from the weight room. House residents may sign up for practice rooms on the reservation sheet outside the library. Please note that individuals can only make same-day reservations. Groups interested in securing a regular practice time must visit the House Office. Keys to the practice rooms may be obtained from the Building Manager’s Office.

Pottery Studio

Contact: Tiffany Playford

Mather’s pottery studio is in the basement of the Tower, across from the laundry room. It features an electric kiln, hand-building facilities, five electric wheels, clay (white and brown stoneware), and glazes. Look for flyers and Mather announcements for class times and prices.

Seminar Room 14 on the first floor

A room that seats 11 at the table and about 7 more by the windows. Equipped with a white board and projection screen.

Seminar Room 26 on the second floor

seminar room

Room 26 is a well equipped meeting room with space for up to 12 attendees around the table.

The room is available and open 24 hours a day.

It includes a blackboard, a large-screen monitor with a VGA, HDMI, and composite connection cables for laptops, VCRs, and DVD players.

The room includes an Intel iMac for Powerpoint presentations and a Web cam for large screen Skype video conferencing.

Access to the second floor is by swipe access.

The Sandra Naddaff and Leigh Hafrey Three Columns Gallery

Curators: Shireen Hamza and Kaitlyn Becker

Mather is one of only two houses with its own art gallery. (The other is Adams, with its Two Columns Gallery). The location of the gallery, in the foyer space leading from the courtyard to the dining hall, allows art to become an integral part of the daily life of House residents. Rotating shows are held year round, including a showing of resident art that coincides with Arts First weekend. The gallery welcomes student curators and student artists for other shows during the year. Non-student exhibitions showcase the work of professional artists in the Harvard community and the broader Cambridge-Boston area.

Tranquility Room

Tutor Contact: Jemila Kester,  Anh Tran

tranquility room

“What’s the tranquility room?” you ask. Firstly, shhhh! This is the tranquility room, a quiet and peaceful place. Don’t ask questions so loudly. Secondly, the Tranquility Room is designed to imbue visitors with the sense of peace its name evokes. It is located above the administrative offices. The room has been used in the past for meditation, yoga, prayer, and Alexander Technique classes. It is open for any reasonable, quiet, contemplative or relaxation use, and makes a great retreat from the usual hectic round of Harvard life.

There is a TV with a dvd player, for instructional DVDs (yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation, etc.).

The door is unlocked but note the second floor requires swipe access. We only ask that individuals yield the space to regularly booked group events. Please check the Wellness board and the room reservation system for more information.

Weight Room

Tutor Contact: Leah Gose

The newly refurbished Mather weight room offers a wide selection of cardio equipment, complete sets of free weights, multiple weight-training machines, and numerous callisthenic aids. Compared to other houses’ puny weight rooms, ours is gigantic and well stocked. Twenty-four hour access, wall-to-wall mirrors, a bumpin’ stereo system, and a collection of
magazines make the Mather weight room an attractive alternative to the MAC. The weight room is located across from the Big TV Room.

Woodturning Studio

Contact: Instructor Alan Hark

Mather has a wood-turning studio which is located in the base of the tower and is equipped with several lathes. For a small fee, Harvard affiliates not only learn how to safely use the machines but they explore and develop their woodturning skills through projects including making bowls, pens, and sculptures. Watch for the date and time of classes and demonstrations on Mather Announce and Mather Open.