Wellness Corner

Mather Students: the Wellness Corner spaces (Tranquility Room and Aerobics Room) are open for individual use 24/7 with your Mather HUID access. For information about current group programming in the space, reach out to Nina at nbryce@huhs.harvard.edu





“The Wellness Corner deepens our commitment at Mather to student wellness across all dimensions of wellbeing; whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or relational. The new spaces have been designed to be containers for expansive understandings of movement and mindfulness,”

-Nina Bryce, Mather wellness tutor and mindfulness coordinator at the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion (CWHP) at HUHS.


“The aerobics room offers an alternative to our weights-forward gym and integrates physical movement in service of holistic wellbeing in our Wellness Corner,”

-Soltan Bryce, Mather House wellness tutor.


“We want our students to feel welcome and be well in Mather House. We are delighted to have a full house this semester and the Wellness Corner is an extension of our commitment to cultivating spaces for students’ wellbeing,”

-Amala Mahadevan, Faculty Dean of Mather House. 

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