Virtual Mather

FALL 2020

Mather Conversations - Tuesdays at 7:00 pm (starting September 29th) - We are offering a series of discussions on contemporary themes that are of interest to our community e.g. racial and social justice; education; science, technology and society; data science and algorithmic fairness; journalism in the digital age, climate change and environmental issues etc. First edition will be discuss the remarkable life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg based on the film “RBG”. The film will be screened via Zoom for Mather on Friday, Sept 25 at 9.00 PM (Eastern). If you would like to view the film together, you can join via Zoom. You may also access it yourself via Hollis any time you want!  Amala Mahadevan

Mather MindfulnessThis is for all Matherites -- that means you! On campus or remote; whether you have some experience with mindfulness, lots, or none at all; even if you feel like you're "not good at meditating." (spoiler alert: that's okay!) This is for anyone who wants to learn skills to navigate this semester with more resilience, focus, steadiness, and calm. We'll have more of the programming we had last year, like Mather-tation (drop-in sitting meditations), Mather on the Mat (yoga sessions), plus cohort-based practice groups, weekend workshops & retreats, 1-1 mindfulness mentoring sessions, mindfulness skill-building groups with special access to a meditation app, and more.  Nina Bryce

Physical Fitness with Harvard Athletics - Grow Play and Achieve Program.  Harvard Athletics is proud to partner with Harvard College Everywhere to introduce a new program called Grow, Play and Achieve. Through participation in physical activity, personal development and community-building activities, this program will provide opportunities for all Harvard College students to GROWPLAY and ACHIEVE. Devon Wills and Rebecca Block

Mather Virtual Arts and Crafting - For those who want we will ship you a small art kit meant to get you started with a watercolor palette, colored pencils, blank postcards, and Mather themed coloring pages. Make your own custom creation or join us for some guided projects. We’re planning to post an instructional video for asynchronous painting and host a zoom crafternoon for some synchronous community crafts. Join us for some or all! You can also join with your own supplies! - More info on the Official! Kaitlyn Becker, Tiffany Playford, Harita Koya

Student Initated Projects - You have an idea for a virtual event? Let us know!  Obviously, this year is not a typical one and even, dare we use that now over-used term, unprecedented. Rather than all living in the Mather mothership, we are spread across the world. To bring us together despite the distance, we’d love to see your ideas for virtual and remote events that are fun, enlightening or just plain silly. If you have an idea, fill out this short application survey We do have some limitations (womp womp), but we will do our best to make things happen! Isaiah Usher and John Heine

PSet Night -  The Mather weekly Problem Set Night will be happening again this fall, virtually! Please join us each Thursday from 8:15 pm to 9:30pm ET at this Zoom link, starting this 9/17/20. These informal virtual hangouts are a chance for you to connect with other Mather students who are also working on problem sets, as well as to chat through any problems with Mather tutors who will be there to help. Alex Heyde and Antonio Coppola

Mather Blathering - Blathering is a supportive social space & discussion forum* for any Matherite who identifies as being a member of the Black/African diaspora, and would like to connect with others who share that identity. The conversations and activities are driven by students but facilitated by tutors, and at this kick-off meeting we'd love to check-in with you after a difficult summer, and also get a sense of what you'd like to get out of this space moving forward. Kalila Jackson-Spieker

Writing TableWriting Table is a weekly meeting of those with writing based projects/tasks who come together in a space of commitment, accountability and non-judgment. This semester we’re holding the table on Sunday evenings from 7:00pm-8:30pm EDT over Zoom (link to recurring meeting below). We will ask at the beginning of each session that you write down your goals for the evening (commitment!) and then we’ll check in on how you’re feeling about your progress at the end (accountability!). Whether you accomplish your goals for the period or not, what matters is that you showed up and made even a little bit of progress (non-judgment!). Morgan Franklin and Rebecca Tweedie

Chamber Music The chamber music program is running this semester! We are offering chamber music in small groups, coached by professional musicians. The program will be running online, offering a mix of individual coaching, score studying, rehearsing together, listening to recordings, and creating a layered recording of the piece we are studying. The time commitment is one hour a week, scheduled at the convenience of all involved. We are also offering duet classes for various instruments, with a lot of hands-on rehearsing and playing, let me know if you are interested in participating! We do have informal auditions, which will happen this coming weekend. Please get in touch with me ASAP to schedule your audition, and with any questions you may have. Na'Ama Lion