Mather House Council

Mather House Committee (HoCo) is responsible for cultivating house life within Mather. Our mission is to make Mather the best community on campus by engaging the diverse student body with many house events. Most importantly, we strive to spread the will of Leighdra!


Peep some of our events:


• Welcome Back BBQ

• Mather-Yale Tailgate

• The Louie Cup

• Winter Formal


  • Super Bowl Party

  • Mather Week

  • Housing Day

  • Mather Lather

  • Spring Formal



• Happy Hours

Mather Assassins

The Gorilla Gazette



General Meetings are held every Monday at 10 p.m. in the A & B Dining Room and are open to the entire house! Let’s Increase Mather spirit!

Connect with Mather HoCo! Follow us on Twitter @mather_house, Instagram @matherhouse& Snapchat @matherhouse10, and friend Mather House on Facebook for the latest updates on all things Mather!