House Administrator

John Heine, Mather House Administrator

John Heine

House Administrator
p: 617-495-4834

Contact me about housing issues, returning from a leave of absence, room reservations, finance or administrative concerns. The Mather Housing Lottery is held the second week in April each year. You are always welcome to stop in at any time to ask about it, or say hello, or just introduce yourself, or chat about House life and events.

I am an Italophilic polyglot, foodie, and (injured) long distance runner (now biker). Previous to Harvard, I spent a decade working as an agricultural economist for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy. I continue to consult for them as a commodity specialist reporting on the world supply and demand for pulses (legumes). I was also a research administrator at the Tufts Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging while working on a Masters in Humanitarian Assistance. Glad to share my rant on nutrition sensitive humanitarian assistance, sustainable agriculture, dietary diversity and the like!!!


The Mather House Administrator’s office is located in the first building to the right of the entrance gate.