xBox in JCR


The Mather Xbox, a resource we share. A chance to take a break.

Please take care of our system and do not unplug or rearrange the cables!!

The display is a Samsung DM55D that is connected to the Xbox with an HDMI cable. Note there is no other input that you can use (e.g. it is not possible to hook up red, white and yellow RCA jacks to this display). In short the display is meant to work only with the Xbox.

The display is set to turn itself on automatically (if the red light is on in the lower right hand corner the TV is off), but if it does not you can push the button on the back of the TV on the lower right hand corner. The image below shows the back of the TV. It is set to high speed games mode.



You can sign in to the XBox as user MatherHouse1.

(Hopefully selecting MatherHouse1 will login you in).

If you have to, you can also sign in with the username and password below.

Password #1MatheR

We have 4 Xbox controllers and they can be used simultaneously (e.g four

simultaneous players). The buttons have different functions for different games.


This is the button layout for the soccer game. Note the white Xbox guide button is used to turn the controller on and can return you to the Xbox home screen. Most games use the A button as the OK button. The controller links with infrared to the XBox console so when starting up you have to point the controller towards the console. Once the Xbox guide button is constantly illuminated you are connected.

The controllers are recharged when they are returned to the building manager's office.

Games: We have football, basketball, a racing car, soccer and a dance program. The dance program has a camera that syncs your movements with the program. All the games are really cool, and the graphics are spectacular.


More: The system is linked to the internet and supports remote games with other players around the world. If you have your own paid account (e.g. Gold ) you can use the system as a great SKYPE video conferencing machine as well as have access to many other resources such as online games. Note for SKYPE, the TV has this function too, so using the TV remote you can SKYPE without need for a Microsoft account.

The controllers are kept with the DVDs in the building manager's office. This is a shared resource and users are responsible for returning the controllers and the DVDs to the office after use and are responsible for loss or damage to them.

Please do not "rewire" the cables in the system. If you have a problem just let me know (

This system was purchased with special funds for the University committee on stress management.

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