Rules of Engagement


Mather House: Rules of Engagement

Community Standards and Residential Policies

August 26, 2016

Dear Members of the Mather House Community,

Welcome, or welcome back, to Mather House! Mather is a residential community where we are meant to get to know our neighbors and support each other as we study, learn, and grow. We rely on every member of the House to uphold community standards and to understand that living in this community is a privilege that comes with a responsibility to observe House policies. Please keep a copy of this document and let your entryway tutor know you have read it at the entryway meeting on September 2 at 8:00pm.


Christie McDonald and Mike Rosengarten                        Luke Leafgren

Faculty Deans                                                                    Allston Burr House Dean


  • Program your phone now with these numbers. We’re here to help, 24/7:

HUPD (all emergencies): 617-495-1212

Operations (maintenance emergencies): 617-495-5560

Mather Tutor-On-Call: 617-331-9510

OSAPR (sexual assault/harassment): 617-495-9100


  • Theft happens. Move-in and move-out are particularly high-risk times. Keep your room and suite doors locked when you are not present. If you wish to prop or tape your doors, everyone in the suite (and across the bathroom) must sign a form with Jackie indicating that you accept responsibility for the increased risk.

  • Piggybacking: Don't let people into Mather unless you’re certain they are members of the community. Call HUPD (617-495-1212) with any concerns.

  • Guests: You are responsible for the behavior of any guest you invite into Mather. Guests staying more than thee nights in a row must be registered with your tutor. Be mindful of how a guest affects your suitemates.


  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially at night. Make use of the Shuttle, Evening Van, and Campus Escort Program:

Evening Van Service: 617-495-0400; available every night 7:00pm-3:00am (last call received at 2:30am).

Campus Escort Program: 617-384-8237; Sun-Wed10:30pm-2:00am, Thurs-Sat 10:30pm-3:00am.


  • For the safety of all: Do not block fire doors. Don't overload your outlets with equipment. Don't cook in your rooms (instead, make use of the JCR kitchen). Candles are prohibited.

  • Fire Alarms: Exit the building immediately if the alarm goes off. Do not use elevators. (Keep your tutor apprised of any issue affecting your mobility.) False alarms endanger us all as well as the firefighters.


  • Smoke passes easily between rooms due to the ventilation system, so smoking in your rooms is a clear indication of disregard for the needs of the community. Smoking in the building will lead to notification of parents, disciplinary probation, and a requirement to move out of Mather.

  • Mather is smoke free. This includes the courtyard.


  • The College will not tolerate drug dealing or distribution. You should not buy or sell drugs. Report strange or suspicious behavior. All suspected drug use will be confronted by tutors.

  • Drugs are a health issue and a disciplinary issue. If you are involved with any drug-related incident, the House Dean will meet with you to discuss the next steps. As a disciplinary matter, parents may be notified, your housing privilege may be revoked, and the Administrative Board and HUPD may be involved, according to the nature of the incident.


  • Parties: Hosts are responsible for the safety of guests and welfare of the community.

  • Party definition: Any event that may disrupt the community and involve noise and/or alcohol is considered a party and must be registered. As a general rule, register your party if the attendance equals:

                          three times the number of suite residents, or more, without alcohol

                          two times the number of suite residents, or more, with alcohol

  • Party Registration: Fill out the party form (with roommate’s signatures), discuss the event with the tutor-on-call, and submit the form with all signatures in the House Dean’s office by noon on Friday.

  • Fast Pass: Juniors and seniors who participate in the Fast Pass training on Monday, September 8, 7pm-9pm, can register parties online. A second training is planned to include sophomores in the spring semester.

  • Alcohol: Students are expected to act responsibly and follow state law. If House staff sees an underage student breaking the law by possessing alcohol, it will be confiscated. Providing alcohol to underage students will lead to disciplinary action.

  • Amnesty Policy: When you bring an intoxicated or drug impaired student to UHS or a hospital or seek staff assistance (including HUPD), neither you nor the friend will face disciplinary action from the college for having used or provided alcohol or drugs.

  • SAFETY: Drunk drinking is dangerous. Drinking to get drunk or continuing to drink if you are already intoxicated is an easy way to hurt yourself or others. Know your limits, avoid dangerous drinking games, be aware of the risks of alcohol, and watch out for your friends.


  • Know your neighbors and get involved: introduce yourselves to one another, join HoCo, sit with someone new in the dhall, participate in “Humans of Mather.” You have the ability to make Mather a community!

  • Enjoy our many shared common spaces, and treat them with respect.

  • Treat the dining hall and custodial staff with dignity and respect. Pick up after yourselves in bathrooms and public spaces. No dining hall trays, dishes or utensils should be stored in student rooms. Try to learn the names of staff members who work in your hall

  • Quiet Hours begin at 11PM on weeknights and 2 AM on the weekends and extend until 8 AM. If someone is making a lot of noise, first ask him/her to be quiet. Then ask a Tutor. Don't just call the police.

  • Read Mather Official emails from the Masters, Dean, and Tutors; you’ll miss important messages if you filter Mather emails.

  • Bystander intervention: You have the power to address any issues that makes you concerned. Learn the skills (direct intervention, delegating someone to help, creating a distraction) and you’ll be proud of the difference you can make. Use your best judgment in deciding whether a tutor or dean needs to know about a situation.


  • Go to the Miguel’s office. Miguel’s staff is there 8am-4pm Monday-Friday, and a Security Guard is there 4pm-8am every day. The Tutor-on-Call has a set of master keys for each building and might be available on Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm when the office is closed. As a general rule, HUPD is not available for lockouts, but if no one in the building is available to assist you during the day on Saturday and Sunday, call HUPD.

  • Miguel’s office has trash bags to help you keep our House clean. Bring trash and recyclables to the bins in the basement of the Tower and B-Entryway. Compostable garbage can be put through the dish return.