Resident Scholars

Mather Resident Scholar - Cassandra Peitzman

Cassandra Peitzman

Cassie is a final-year MD/PhD/MPH student in the Economics track of the GSAS PhD Program in Health Policy. She is applying to residency in Emergency Medicine this fall. Her clinical training has focused on high-risk patients and issues of language concordance in medical care, especially through work with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Spanish Clinic, the Crimson Care Collaborative, and Partners in Health (Chiapas, Mexico). In the middle of her fourth year at HMS, she took a break to pursue a Masters in Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health, where she concentrated on disparities and their relationship to health systems reform. From there, she entered the PhD program, where her dissertation has looked at use of private markets to achieve public goals, especially under the ACA reforms.

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Mather Resident Scholar - Catherine Shapiro

Catherine Shapiro

Catherine Shapiro was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Texas, and while happily transplanted to New England, remains both a Pirates fan and a Texas partisan. She was a political science and economics double major at Rice, and got her PhD in political science at Stanford. Along the way, she interned for two members of Congress, worked at OEF International, and consulted for Emily's List.

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Keith Raffel

Keith Raffel

Associate, Paulsen School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)
Office of Career Services (OCS)
Keith moved into Mather when it opened during his sophomore year. Since those days, he has taught Expos, watched over the CIA as counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, run for Congress (and lost!), founded an internet software company, and managed a DNA sequencing business. He’s also the author of five bestselling mystery/thrillers. Keith lived in the Mather low-rise during his Advanced Leadership Fellowship in 2015. In 2017 then, he begins his third tour of duty as a House resident.... Read more about Keith Raffel
Photo of Mather Resident Scholar María Aliaga

María Aliaga

María Aliaga Flamenco dancer, director and choreographer of “Flamenco a la Mexicana” (, dance show that fuses flamenco with mexican culture, music, traditions and dances (2014-actual).
Studied with Mercedes Amaya, Antonio Canales, Alfonso Losa, among others, in Mexico and in Spain in the Fundación de Cristina Heeren (2001- Seville) and in Amor de Dios (2007-Madrid). She was dancer at the Adonays Flamenco Company (2005) and with Isaac and Nino de los Reyes (2007) She has worked in tablaos in Mexico, in USA and in Germany.... Read more about María Aliaga