Anas El Turabi

Anas El Turabi

Mather Resident Scholar - Anas El Turabi

Anas is a British primary care physician completing his PhD in Health Policy in the Evaluative Science and Statistics track and will be starting a post-doctoral position in Fall 2018. Born in Leeds, England, of Sudanese heritage, Anas obtained his BA in physiological sciences and his medical degree at the University of Oxford before completing an MPhil in clinical science at the University of Cambridge. He is amused that despite completing four science degrees, he still doesn’t have the word ‘science’ in any of his academic honorifics. He completed an academic residency program in primary care at the University of Cambridge, before starting his PhD at Harvard in 2013. His doctoral work used data science to study aspects of primary care delivery, particularly continuity of care and the use of financial incentives for providers. He has also undertaken research and policy work in global health, most recently around the economics of infectious disease crises and global responses to pandemic risk reduction. He has experience in global health and public policy with the British government, World Health Organization and World Bank and in scientific and technical advisory work with the UK National Health Service, National Academy of Medicine and Ontario Brain Institute. He has also worked as a management consultant and held honorary appointments at the University of Cambridge and RAND Corporation. He continues to practice medicine in the UK during academic breaks.


Anas is delighted to be joining Mather as a scholar in residence and feels that his many years in and out of universities and extensive CV of failures and mistakes might be of use (or at least amusement) to other Matherites. He has also worked full or part-time during every year of his education since the age of 16, so is happy to speak with anyone struggling to balance competing demands. Beyond his professional and academic life, Anas is an enthusiastic runner, recovering coxswain and overly-verbose point guard. He is an ardent internationalist and loves travel. He also thinks he can brew the best cup of tea in the world and is willing to take on all-comers who want to challenge him on this.

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