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Mather Official:

Mather_Official Subscribe/Unsubscribe and Preverences Page

The official mail list for critical and important messages.

  • Messages are only important events and deadlines at Mather.
  • Posting is restricted to HoCo, resident tutors, the House Dean, Academic Coordinator, the house administrator, the building manager, and the masters.
  • Messages are not repeated and no remiders are given.
  • Messages are brief, infrequent and important.
  • Events or deadlines are also posted on the Mather Calendar .
  • Students should not unsuscribe to the Official.


Mather-Announce Subscribe/Unsubscribe and Preference Pages

Mather-Announce is a list serve that provides House affiliates with an on-line medium for short announcements. The mail lists supports images. David Jud moderates the list.


  • Mather affiliates may use Mather-Announce for short messages advertising events, and important Mather messages.
  • All current Mather affiliates are automatically enrolled in Mather-Announce. You may unsubscribe from the list at any time but you may miss important announcements.
  • You can choose to recieve the Announce in digest form.
  • Users are allowed up to two posts on a given topic: the initial announcement, and a reminder.
  • Use informative subject lines: it should be clear what your announcement is about. If announcing an event, try to include the date and time in the subject line.
  • If your announcement is longer than a few lines, there should be a short summary at the top to help people decide whether to keep reading.
  • Click here to post on the Announce. (


Mather Open Subscribe/Unsubscribe and Preferences Page


The purpose of this listserve, is to bring members together for discussions of topics of the day. Members and others are encouraged to send email of interest to

This is a student run, student monitored, loosely moderated, high volume list which is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mather House.