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The goal of this Linkedin group is to promote professional networking of Mather graduates and students.

Getting Connected on Linkedin: From the office of Career Services. Important.


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How Mather
Mather Security: Your safety: Thinking outside the box. summary
Bike safety Quiz result. summary
Academic Integrity: Survey on the draft report of the committee. summary

The approximate percentage of property theft in the Harvard houses that is related to piggybacking and not locking suite doors:
Answer: 40% of property theft is due to piggybacking and leaving suite rooms unlocked. (Jack O'Kane Sergeant HUPD) (Our most frequent vote 70%)


The number of laptops and bicycles stolen at Harvard.
Answer: HUPD reports that 71 laptops and 125 bicycles are stolen at Harvard each year. (Our most frequent vote 50 and 40)

Student Stress summary

The percent of female college studentst that drink 0-3 drinks per party.
Answer: 72% of female students have 0-3 drinks per party. (The HUHS survey of 3,191 students) (Our most frequent vote 40%)


The percentage of Harvard Students have never smoked
Answer: 78% of Harvard students have not smoke cigarettes. (Our most frequent vote 80%)


Mather-listens is for surveys that relate to Mather House.
It is meant to determine perceived and unperceived needs of the Mather community.
To list a survey on this page, submit it to Michael Rosengarten. To be accepted a survey should:

  • have a Mather poster or author.
  • be related to Mather House.
  • contain a link to the results of the survey (preferred).